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POTASH + (Derived from Rhodophytes)
  • Introducing POTASH +, a highly concentrated potash extract derived from Rhodophytes or Red Algae. With a potash content of 20% and 1.5% Sulphur, this product is the most unique and effective source of bio-available potash in the market. Unlike chemical-based potash, POTASH + does not leave any harmful residues and is fully biodegradable. It also acts as a substrate for soil microorganisms, enhancing potash mobilization and promoting healthy plant growth. Get the best results for your crops with POTASH +.

    POTASH + (Derived from Rhodophytes)

    SKU: PP1959
    • Recommended Soils: Problematic and Normal

      Recommended Crops: Cereals, Pulses, Plantation crops, Oilseeds, Fruits, Fodder and Vegetables

      Dosage Recommendation: 50 kgs per acre; however, for plantation crops and problematic soils 80-90 kgs per acre is recommended and is a great alternate to MOP

      Compatibility: Compatible with other Inorganic Fertilizers and Organic Manures

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