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  • PLANTIS is an all-in-one type Natural Soil Conditioner that can provide several benefits to plants and soil health. While PLANTIS is not technically a manure, it can influence soil microbes in ways similar to organic manures. PLANTIS contains Soil Solvent Organic Acids (Humic, Fulvic & others) and an organic-mineral base enriched with microbial consortia/ soil nutrient mobilizers and different category growth enhancers.


    PLANTIS tends to improve soil structure and tilth by increasing soil porosity and drainage. In case of severe flooding, it has been noticed that PLANTIS tends to bear the ability to evacuate crop from going under stress and promotes growth substantially.


    Research trails of PLANTIS has shown that its application can enhance the activity of beneficial soil microbes, such as mycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizal fungi form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, promoting better nutrient uptake and improved plant growth, flowering, fruiting and higher yields whereas PLANTIS can also help to reduce soil compaction and create a healthier soil environment, which can support the growth of a diverse community of soil bacteria and fungi.


    Furthermore, long term research data showed that PLANTIS has the potential to improve soil nutrient availability by increasing the solubility of minerals such as phosphorus and calcium which will ultimately be beneficial for plant growth and yield.


    Overall, the addition of PLANTIS to soil can have a variety of positive effects, including improved soil structure, enhanced microbial activity, and increased nutrient availability, making it a valuable growth enhancer to consider.


    SKU: PS1959
    • Recommended Soils: Problematic and Normal

      Recommended Crops: Cereals, Pulses, Plantation crops, Oilseeds, Fruits, Fodder and Vegetables

      Dosage Recommendation: 5 kgs per acre; however, for plantation crops and problematic soils 7.5-8 kgs per acre is recommended

      Compatibility: Compatible with other Inorganic Fertilizers and Organic Manures

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